Monday, May 12, 2008

Missing Post

Due to the problems created by a certain post that I made as well as the comments it generated I have decided to delete the entire post as well as the comments. Please do no comment to this post as it will be deleted. All further comments will have to go through my approval before appearing on what is essentially my blog but as I have not made it aware that "not all comments are in direct line of the owner of this blog" I will have to monitor and censor all comments.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

McDonald's in Lithonia, Georgia

2791 Panola Road Lithonia, GA 30058 to be exact.

On our recent trip from Wilmington, NC to Lafayette, LA we visited SEVERAL McDonald's. They were all good experiences (considering I don't like McDonald's) with the exception of the McDonald's on Panola Rd in Lithonia GA. If you are ever in Lithonia GA DO NOT go to the McDonald's on Panola Rd. Do you get the hint that it was not a "gooood time" as Nicolas likes to say?

Our order:
2 hotcakes with bacon instead of sausage
1 sausage egg mcmuffin meal with a large coke
1 southern style chicken biscuit
2 chocolate milks
1 medium regular ice coffee

What we got:
"Sir we don't have no chocolate milk. Do you want juice instead?"
Andy proceeded to turn and ask the kids what they wanted but before he had a chance to speak she yells rudely "Sir do they or don't they?" She is given her answer of 2 cokes. We get one pouring out through the top (too much ice for the automated drink filling machine--I know from experience, right Leslie and Philip?)
"Sir you'll have to pull up"
"Ask him if he wants a folded egg for the muffin"
"Sir you want a fldjelje"
Andy: "What?"
"Sir you want a fldjelje"
Andy: "WHAT?"
Me: "Do you want a folded egg?
Andy: "Yeah whatever"

We pull up. I take a sip from my LARGE iced coffee--ok not complaining about the size because I NEEDED the caffeine. Complaining about the amount of flavoring and sweetener, almost NONE and what WAS there was not mixed in.

We are brought our food and verify it is all there. We drive off and I begin to cut the hotcakes for the kids and what do I see? ONE strip of bacon broken into TWO small pieces. I pick up the hotcakes; there must be 2 more slices NOPE. I check the bag; they must have fallen out NOPE. I give that tray to Alexis and begin on Nic's--same thing. Check the receipt--charged for bacon: 2x3 pieces? I know I have to keep this clean for the kids reading but WHAT THE ****? (You fill in what you would have said)

So I unwrap my southern style biscuit tear open my grape jelly packet (don't ask) and separate my sandwich. Chicken piece is ALOT darker than yesterday. Almost black. But I am hungry. I put jelly (which is liquified) on the biscuit, put it back together and eat it. The only reason why I finished it is because I was hungry. Overcooked, dry, gross.

Andy's muffin was dry and old. As well as no poached egg but a folded egg as mentioned earlier.

You would maybe expect this type of food: out of chocolate milk, out of poached egg, obviously out of flavoring and sweetener for iced coffee, and overcooked and dried out chicken and muffins at the end of breakfast. TIME OF ORDER 8:04AM Another 2hrs left! Glad we came early!

Click on the receipt for a better view.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

From Alexis, Nicolas, Keri, Andy,
oh.....and our black Santa

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Alexis!

Tomorrow is Alexis' 9th birthday! Time flies by so fast!

Alexis Gets Glasses!

After wanting glasses for several years, Alexis finally needs them!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

We'll get to Destin next post. But first....Andy is arrested!

Don't worry. It was just for MDA. They let him go after about 2 hours.